Earth Sea Sky - Gecko Guard 300ml
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Earth Sea Sky - Gecko Guard 300ml

Our own personal experience in the outdoors led to the development of Gecko Guard. We found that none of the solutions on the market stood up to New Zealand's testing environment and as a result the performance of our rainwear was inhibited. As rainwear is the first line of defence against adverse conditions this was unacceptable!After talking with number of chemical engineers we discovered how to create a more effective water repellant. Fluoropolymers are the most effective repellants and the resin concentration is critical to it's performance.A mineral spirit base provides the best durability and makes for easy application. We also came to understand that how to apply the repellant is very important to getting the best result.

High strength water and stain-repellent
For all wind and waterproof fabrics
Excellent restorative treatment for technical waterproof breathable fabrics
Chemically non-reactive fluoropolymer
Will not harm the ozone layer
Machine-washable up to 3-4 times
For both natural and synthetic fabrics
300ml bottle is enough for 3-4 square metres of fabric or approximately 2 jackets
Made and developed in New Zealand
Full product information brochure available
Australian Sales Restrictions
Note: Food items, liquids and certain brands cannot be shipped internationally.
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