Canterbury Biltong - Smokey Barbeque Biltong 100g

The Smokey BBQ's subtle pepper blends predominate and this biltong is finished off with a slightly sweet overtone that doesn’t intrude into the full-bodied flavour of this gourmet snack.

Canterbury Biltong uses free range grass fed NZ beef, premium cuts of porterhouse or topside steak, ensuring you receive a great tasting, fresh, healthy snack every time. They also guarantee their products 100% which means you can purchase with confidence each and every time.

Biltong is a traditional product from South Africa consisting of dried beef seasoned and cured over a period of time. Both biltong and beef jerky originated as a way of preserving meat as people traveled without fridges . The South African name is Biltong and the American is Beef Jerky. The difference between them is that biltong is cured and then air-dried, while beef jerky is cut into thin strips, then marinated and cooked/smoked.

Free range grass fed NZ beef
Export grade beef
Gluten free
Preservative free
High Energy/Protein (55%)
Low Carbohydrate
96% Fat Free
Low sugar
Light weight
Does not require refrigeration
12-month best-before date
High-specification foiled packaging ensures freshness and guarantees shelf life
N.Z made
Australian Sales Restrictions
Note: Food items, or liquids cannot be shipped internationally.
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