Therm-a-Rest® - Fast and Light repair Kit

AMP TR01843

Trail-ready kit makes speedy repairs easier than ever before. Self-adhesive patches make for quick and neat work without messy glues or long cure times. For use on all Therm-a-Rest mattresses except for Luxury Map™, Luxury Camper and LE mattresses.

Kit includes: (3) Alcohol Prep Pads, (6) Glue Dots, and (3) Cover Patches

Locating Leaks
If the leak is not obvious, inflate the mattress as firmly as possible.
Folding the mattress in half to increase the air pressure, immerse the mattress in water or rub soapy water on the surface.
Small, escaping bubbles will indicate the puncture. Rinse area of all soap before proceeding.

View video for full repair instructions.

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