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Radix Nutrition - Original 600 Plant-Based Smokey Barbecue
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Radix Nutrition - Original 600 Plant-Based Smokey Barbecue

The sweet taste from the vibrant pieces of pumpkin combined with a fresh spinach aroma enhances the barbecue flavour
As a rich source of healthy fats and vegetables, this meal provides a wide and dense contribution of micronutrients with optimal absorption, enabling your best health!

A natural source of bioavailable micronutrients
Complete nutrition - providing all 27 essential vitamins and minerals
Supports gut health - natural source of up to 8 prebiotics: FOS - GOS - Inulin - RS - XOS - PAC - AX - Polyphenols
Complete source of high quality protein and amino acids. At or above DIASS 1.00.
Balanced or low carbohydrate for all natural ingredients.
Wholefood and natural ingredients high in Omega 3 and Omega 6.
Certified gluten free
Requires: 250ml boiling water. Ready in 5 minutes.

Serving Size: 1x
Weight: 126g ~  Once prepared: 376g
606 Calories
27g Protein
35g Fat
52g Carbs
14g Fibre

Allergens: May contain traces of milk, coconut and tree nuts
Endorsed by Coeliac NZ
All natural ingredients are GMO free

Price: $14.99
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Note: Food items, liquids and certain brands cannot be shipped internationally.
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